Bad code messing with your delivery cycle?

Not with Bismuth.
Predictable delivery cycle. Predictable refactoring.

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20% of development time is spent on refactoring. We believe this can be reduced. Write clean code on a daily basis without missing business deadlines.

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Visual Diff

Bismuth gets to the point. Quick code review, clear feedback, less human error.

No clutter from commits and pull requests.

Structure violations

Define the architecture you want to follow and Bismuth will tell you where you don't follow it.

Easier auditing, easier onboarding.


When the mess has already gotten in, Bismuth tells you what is worth fixing. Most of the time project rewrites are a bad idea.

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Dependency Structure Matrix

Determine the impact of a change before making it.

Safer and easier to plan refactoring.

Dependency Graph

See the internal structure of your code and explore it under a new perspective. Spot highly coupled components in mere seconds.

Accurate and always up-to-date architecture documentation.

Bismuth works with your favorite tools

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One-click install & SSO

Integrated with your code hosting provider. Nothing to configure on your machine.


Your managers and tech leaders will understand why a given change is hard to implement. No more communication issues about technical debt anymore.

Continuous Integration

Bismuth is integrated with your CI system. It keeps track of your changes in real time.


We can install Bismuth on your infrastructure. No cloud, just your servers.

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